This year I have done website layout design more than ever before. I’m still very new at it but I have already learnt a lot about pixel size, web fonts etc. However I am slightly frustrated as I feel that because I lack in knowledge with how website coding works I dont push the boundaries of what can be done. I guess practice make perfect so I shall continue to try!

A website I came across today and one which I think is BEAUTIFUL is Deadly Ponies.
They really take advantage of the entire screen size and have used lovely big images and fun colours yet it is still simple. clean and sophisticated.


My love for textiles began while I was at university. I have always loved and appreciated fashion and obviously paired with that is the fabric involved in making a garment so desirable, but realising other aspects of textile design further from the garment was an appreciation that came later. Now I’m obsessed! I love rugs and wallpaper the most I think. For me it is probably a medium in which my graphic design can be most easily transferred to. Its not only the beautiful colours and shapes but the feel. I’m like child in a museum when your not allowed to touch the art work. All I want to do is roll around on it! So while I was having my lunch time exercise – web surfing – I stumbled across this design studio that held an exhibition (way back in 2008) where they made their graphic design work into carpets. What a delight this was for my eyes! The perfect collision of graphic design/ typography/ colour/ pattern and textiles!

Dutch studio Thonik,  Graphic Tapestries at the Venice Architectural Biennale in 2008 and exhibited Graphic Carpets featuring their work at the Shanghai Art Museum in the same year. Now M/M studio has done the same thing with woollen rugs showing in London called The Carpetalogue.

Thonik by you and M to M of M/M (Paris):

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So recently I have come to the conclusion that I need to update my skills and get with the digital age! It is quite overwhelming as I have no idea where to start but I guess that makes figuring stuff out all the more exciting! I have been watching almost all short videos that I come across on the internet the moment to start to understand how people put them together, narrate the story, use music as a way to enhance the message etc. It’s amazing how many brands are making short videos to show how their products are put together or to launch a new season so therefore Ithink it is something we must now learn!

Below is the best one I’ve seen so far. It is for the launch of a bag by the brand I Love Ugly. DIVINE!

Amongst my morning web exploring I stumbled across this lovely wee video about Suzanne Lipschutz by Nick Sweeney.

Suzanne is a wallpaper enthusiast. This rings bells and whistles with me as I LOVE WALLPAPER and have always been interested in perusing it as a career (the designing of). Not only does she collect wallpaper but it’s vintage – A-MAZING!

Watch the video on the link below and enjoy x

My old flatmate just emailed me this image.

‘Saki – I know you like typography so I think you might enjoy this’ – haha

Talk about not double checking the overall look of an ad before printing. I’m sure they didn’t want people to ‘shit themselves!’

This is a good lesson on proofing!

When obama endorses gay marriage … 8 year-old me was like:

Ok, so this isn’t exaxtly design related but I felt it deserved a post.

As I’m sure your well aware Obama has publicly announced that he supports gay marriage…..YAH!!!!

It is about time! What a wonderful thing for someone in such a powerful position to say. I found this hilarious blog about this topic. Click the link and have a laugh!